Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ok... so now all the fun of the Cyber Crop weekend is over with and our Mystery Kit layouts are showing in our galleries I felt that I can now add it to my blog for all to see.

This is sooooo totally out of my comfort zone as it's PINK... but I soo love it and the photo chosen makes me like it even more as it's not one of our best photo's but it's what's behind the photo, the feelings and memories it holds for me!

I showed HisLordShip the layout and he was like... 'Why have you used that photo it's just horrible and doesn't look like us at all, especially you?!' He's right of course it's a horrible photo and you will see what I mean once you see the next layout that's a work in progress and will be shown when it's finished... I promise :)

It's also a new size for me to be working in and that is thanks to EM aka Sugar Almond as I have loved her work and style ever since I first joined UKS... and to meet her at the Harrogate show September 07 was even more amazing as she is such a lovely lady... so this layout was for EM :)

The title was created using some of the fancy numbers in the Patterned Paper (7023), I just added a bit of detail with my black Sakura pen :)

This was the only layout created for the Cyber Crop as it turned out I was quite busy with other things that I hadn't planned on :O

My boys had their grading in TaeKwondo and recieved their Yellow Belts, with a certificate each and next week will get their licenses as she forgot them this week, so of course I had to go get some photo's for scrappin'... so what this space.. hehe!

Well... I best go get this next layout finished for you all to see :)

Cyber Crop Mystery Kit Layout

Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Couple Of New Layouts!

Ok... quick update with some layouts that i've done for my boys A-Z Albums!

They are 8x8 in size!

This A for Arrival:
These are the very first photo's of the boys... just after they arrived in the Neo-Natal unit at St James Hospital! They weighed in at 3lb 5oz & 3lb 10oz and were born 6 weeks early!
This B for Bonafide:
I love these photo's of them and chose the word Bonafide as even though they are twins they are complete opposites of each other Thomas (top) is the loud, outgoing, cheeky, poser where as Calum (bottom) is the more quiet, reserved, thoughful, shy one!
This is C for Cheeky Chaps:

Another of my favourite photo's... it was taken to be entered into a competition and the photographer loved them and kept calling them Cheeky Chaps!
This is D for Daddy:

I have a lot of photo's of these 3 together... asleep on the sofa... as when it was time for daddy to take a nap, the boys would join him... so peaceful!
This is E for Eyes:

I said I loved these photo's... i've turned them balck and white but brought the blueness of their eyes out using layering techniques in Photoshop (after a tutorial from my friend Natbags)!
With those colour eyes and eyelashes to die for... they are certainly heartbreakers!

This is F for Family:

This is a photo taken the day we were bringing the boys home for the first time since they were born and after 3weeks 4days of being in hospital... I couldn't wait! Also the very first & only family photo!

This is G for Gramps:

This a photo of the boys the month before they turned 4yrs old, they are with their new baby cousin Abby and Their Gramps... they would get so jealous of Gramps holding Abby that they would go straight to him and want to play!

This is H for Handful:

Photo was taken at 1.20am, 3 days after the boys were born! I was sooo tired but it was worth it as it was the first time i'd been able to hold them since they were born!
I was struggling with where to put the journalling on this layout but after a suggestion by Scrappy~Sarah on UKS I will be putting it on the back! I'm always thinking of ways to do hidden journalling as I have done with many of these layouts, yet I never thought to just write on the back of the layout... so thank-you Sarah x

I know the layouts are the same, more or less but that's the joys of having twin boys who always look to see who got the best and with not wanting to upset either of them I decided that their albums will be the same... to save my ears from the bickering and arguing Club Me

The photo's aren't that great in a few of the layouts as the originals were polaroids! Shocked

Thursday, 17 April 2008

More Blog Candy!

Whilst doing some blog-hoping I have come across some fantastic sites with lots of Magnolia Stamped cards... some really fantastic work ladies and lots of inspiration for when my Nellies arrive, was feeling a bit down this morning and ordered a few to cheer myself up!

I also came across a site offering some blog candy and as part of the rules you have to pop a link on your blog then leave a comment... so here is the link http://tarasdesigns.blogspot.com/ and I wish you all lots of luck in your enrty for a lovely stamp :)

I have finally finished the layout that's been sat on my table for over a week... but can't seem to get a nice enough photo to upload, so will keep trying and eventually upload for all to see!
Now I need to work on my Mystery Kit Challenge for the Cyber Crop on UKS... it has to be a romantic theme and the papers in the kit are sooooo not my ususal style or colours... but I will rise to the challenge of creating a layout I like! :)

Well... time to go do some more blog-hoping!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Hi everyone... I just came across this wonderful blog and thought I would let you know about it, whilst reading the latest post I discovered the chance to win an adorable stamp and that one of the way's to win it is to let you all know about the blogcandy, so here it is:

I have also added the blog link to my favourite sites at the left hand side (which I only discovered how to do today :P and will add the rest of my friends a bit later)... so go take a look :)

Hello again everybody,I am back with my promised Hänglar & Stänglar birthday blog candy post :)As most of you will know, my 30th birthday is coming up at April, 17th. To celebrate this special event (me getting old..hehe) I came up with an extraordinary candy.I will give away one brand new, original Hänglar and Stänglar stamp! Yes, you are reading right ;) A real stamp of this very hard to get beauties. I know you are all desperate to get your hands on one of this cute little Hänglars :) At least I was, before I discovered a way to get them :)So here she is, the sweet little Hänglar girl you can win:

Additionally I will put a pile of stamped Hänglar and Stänglar images into your winning envelope. If there are a lot of entries to my blog candy I will also send away a 2nd and 3rd place with stamped images.So here is what you have to do to enter the contest:
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Link my blog to your blogroll. (It of course counts, if I am already in your blogroll :)
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The winner will randomly be selected on April 25th, 8pm Middle European Time
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Thanks for joining in on one of my blog candys once again and good luck on the drawing!

Ok... so I haven't really been up to much lately... a bit of procrastination which I really need to stop and get on with the things on my list of to-do's!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ok... so I thought it was about time I updated this thing... I have been so crap at keeping up to date with things lately, even though it was on my list of New Year's Resolutions, but well today is as good a day as any to start putting things in place.

There is a New Moon in Aries today!

A new Moon in the first sign of the zodiac heralds a time of fresh starts. In this cardinal sign, it's time to take the initiative. Don't wait on the sidelines thinking that someone else is going to move you forward! More than likely you will feel the drive of this pioneering sign and take the necessary steps to further your goals. Keep in mind that Aries is also the sign of the warrior, so be thoughtful of others while advancing your own causes.
This new Moon will most affect those born April 4-8, July 6-10, October 7-11 and January 5-9.

I want to totally revamp this blog to make it more enjoyable to visit and for myself to update but, i'm not sure where to even start... took me ages to actually set it up and post! So any advice would be gratefully recieved. :)

So what have I been doing?

To be honest... nothing much really, lots of layouts which I need to try and upload on here somehow, maybe a slideshow, but again not sure how to do one of those either.

Taking care of my twin boys is a full time job in itself at the moment what with all the bickering and arguing that goes on along with the attitudes... oh the joy of 10yr olds!

I've signed up to do Shimelle's 'No Place Like Home' class but so far have only saved the prompts... really need to read and make a start on that project along with the other projects on my list, but promise myself not to get so stressed with it all and take it a step at a time as it takes the fun out of it all!

Well... I think i'll leave you with one of my favourite layouts so far!

Photo isn't the best so will try and take another when my hands are a bit better!