Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rainbow 25yr Celebrations…

Well… I had planned on posting every couple of days showing you the Rainbows Projects etc, but life has just gotten away with me… So I thought I’d be nice and share the rest of the Rainbow’s 25th Celebration Projects in this one post Smile

So I showed you the past project last time… now onto the Present Project, I was a little stumped at first but then thought about something to tie-in with the 25 Yr Celebrations…


I came up with this lovely little Bookmark using the Rainbow Colours and a picture of the Badge they would be getting… I used the Stampin’ Up Two Tag Die, Scallop Circle Punch, 1 3/4” Circle Punch, 1 1/4” Circle Punch and a 3D Dimensional Foam Pad, Cardstock… Real Red, Pacific Point, Daffodil Delight & Concord Crush.
The little Rainbow Badges were all handcut!

A nice little project for them just to pop together Smile

The next project was a bit of a hard one… A Future Craft Project… now I was really stumped with this one, but then it just came to me like a bolt of lightening Open-mouthed smile

Cake Boxes… could be used for a Future Project as well as lasting into the Future, and the girls would love colouring them in.

Now of course I had to give them an example and being a Chocolate Lover of course I had to have a Chocolate Cake Winking smile… You’ll have to excuse the frosting on top as it’s still drying Rolling on the floor laughing When I told F-SIL that she just started laughing and said her colouring skills weren’t up to much so would probably be the same! I find it hard colouring large area’s… Must try harder!!!




As I had to do 2 Samples I thought I’d do a nice Jam one too



And of course when you put them together they look so yummy



I bagged them all up into individual little kits… so that each girl will get 3 kit bags to work from. 120 Kits in total for the 25th Celebration… I hope they all have lots of fun!!!

My F-SIL came to pick them up on the 19th  as she was over for a family BBQ and was over the moon with them… she can’t wait to show the girls.

Until Next Time… HUGS ‘n’ XXX

Friday, 18 May 2012

I’m not only back but I’m… Scrapbooking Too!!!

In March I should have gone to Scrapagogo's 8th Getaway but circumstances prevented me from doing so… I was gutted to say the least, I was really looking forward to getting together with everyone and having a fabulous time that the GoGo Girls always provide… the lovely Janice & Lorraine sent me my classes through the post so that I didn’t miss out completely… This past week I’ve taken the time to complete these lovely classes and I have to admit I have missed scrapbooking so much, I can’t believe it takes a back seat to making cards, wedding invites etc, but well the cards, invites etc bring in a few extra pennies so needs must… but from now on I will be scheduling a scrapbooking session at least once a week.

Today I am going to share the lovely Rebekah Day's Class… Life’s a Beach with a Capital B…

Here is the layout Rebekah did…


And here is my version…


I’m really pleased with it… HisLordShip said it was very busy… but I don’t care what he thinks… I Like It!!!

Well… I need to go grab a shower before the boys get home from school as CJ has the doctors with his ear… so…

Until Next Time… Hugs ‘n’ XXX

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I’m Back!!!

Sorry to disappear on all you lovely followers/readers, but also Thank-You for staying with me… I’ve been dealing with a few personal problems these last months, still on going but that’s life!!!

I took some time out of crafting as I just could not get my head into it at all, too much going on, lots of illness on my part… but I’m getting better and this last month or so I have been busy creating Craft Projects for my F-SIL little Rainbow Groups… I did their Mother’s Day Project & Easter Project but unfortunately I didn’t get any photo’s Sad smile

I have however been asked to do their 25Yr Celebration Craft Project… I chatted with SIL and we came up with a Past, Present & Future theme Smile

For these Projects I have to come up with something that a group of girls aged 5-8yrs old could do… so I popped my thinking cap on and for the Past Project I came up with…

DSC_4640 Dolly Peg Dolls Open-mouthed smile Nothing too elaborate but nice and simple!

I have popped all their faces on for them as the decals were a bit small and fiddly… it took me nearly all day to do 71 of them, 40 are for the Rainbows kits, the rest are just extra’s that I may pop into kits to sell Smile, it was a bit daunting as it was my first time using Water-Slide Decals… don’t think I’ve done a bad job at all, if I do say so myself!
I’ve used Pink Chenille Pipe Cleaners for the arms, Stampin’ Up! Flirtatious Designer Fabric for the top, cut out using a Sizzix die I purchased on Ebay and the skirt is a flower from the floating flowers I purchased way back when I first started making cards… I just need to decide on a hat or hair to finish them off before they get picked up this weekend.
Well… That’s it for today… If I show you everything now, I’ll have nothing left for future posts Open-mouthed smile

Until Next Time… Hugs ‘n’ XXX