Friday, 23 April 2010

April... Already :O

Hmmm... ok.. so time has yet again run away with itself!

****Warning**** extremely long post!!!

I still haven't taken photo's of the layouts i'd mentioned in my last post... but it is on my list of jobs to do... you'll have to excuse the poor quality of photo's posted today, the lighting is not at it's best.

I have taken a quick photo of the invite created for HisLordShip's Nana's 80th birthday party...
I used some Black cardstock I had in my supplies... Stampin' Up's Bridesmaid Speciality Papers
Stazon Black Ink... Stampin' Up's Cheer & Wishes Stamp Set
White Silk Ribbon

After my last post I was busy getting organised for GoGoGetaway 2010... It was 'The Best Yet'!

We got to choose 7 classes from 21... it was a hard choice as they were all fantastic. Excess class kits were offered for sale at £7.50 each after the classes were finished... a new way of offering the kits was established this year and I have to say I liked the way it was done, it added a bit more excitement to the weekend! You had to put your name on a list for the classes you'd like, a draw was done and then you were told if you'd won... I was lucky to win all 7 that I had popped my name down for... now I can't wait to get started on them!

The weekend was amazing... seeing all the friends i'd made on previous retreats and making so many many more... wishing I could afford to go to every GoGoGetaway... just to see everyone again!
Just a few of the Lily's
We went for a wander around the hotel and it's gardens... at one point I had about 6-7 camera's at my feet... I had lots of fun taking photo's. Here is just a couple of those taken...
The lovely Jackie

The lovely Sheena

As I'm a slow scrapper I didn't finish my classes in the class time but worked on them during crop time... I'm really proud of myself as this is the first year I have completed all the classes... not at the retreat but i've been working on them since the retreat... and here are the finished works of art except for the first class which was a mini album, which I have yet to photograph!

My first class was 'All Mixed Up' a Mini Album... Nicola... Thank-You so much... I have had nothing but trouble with mini album classes in the past but Nicola's theme & style was so me... I absolutely loved it and can't wait to create some more!

Next was a class by Lorraine... 'The Measure Of Love'... Another fantastic class
Because I finished it at home I used a Scrapagogo kit stamp for the journaling block which I've left blank for the moment as it's going to be a bit personal!

Third Class was 'Industrial Action' by the lovely Sam... we got to paint & heat emboss... it's given me the courage to use my own heatgun which i've had since 2005 and never used... lol
Photo was taken at Otley in January... Again I have left the journaling off for photo purposes!

Fourth Class was 'Flower Patch' again with the lovely Sam... Lots of detail cutting and I cut my flowers at the wrong section... but I like how it's all turned out!
This is going in my GoGoGetaway album... photo was taken at the very first Getaway in June 2008.

Fifth Class was 'Team Green' again by the lovely Lorraine... Loved all the texture, layers and rolling of paper etc in this class!
A photo of my lovely dog Fubar after a long walk through a National Trust's Forestry.

Sixth Class was 'A Word Please' by the lovely Eileen... Loved all the lovely bright colours in this class... not something i'd have used if I was to buy the papers myself... but...
I think they worked great when I could concentrate on the class at home. I took these photo's with me but didn't think they would work with the class, maybe it was lack of sleep due to going to bed after the clocks changed and then being woken up by a fire alarm at 6:30amish, followed by a bit of a disagreement on the phone with HisLordShip just before class started... but my head just wasn't in the class that morning... just hope i've done it justice since my return home!

Seventh Class was 'Every Cloud' by the lovely Sam... I actually had to take this class kit home with me as HisLordShip arrived early to take me home... rather than have hime wait around for an hour or so, I left around 2:30pm whilst everyone was doing this last class.
I did complete the class at home and really enjoyed it... again lots of detailed cutting and texture... a layout to add to the Holiday album.

On my arrival home from the retreat I was greeted by a huge pile of dishes to be washed... bedding to be changed due to HisLordShip allowing the dog & cat on the bed (not a good idea at best of times but when they are both malting, big NO NO!)... boys were supposed to stay with Grandparents Sunday night with Gramps taking them to school Monday morning, but apparently he had a meeting so the boys ended up coming home at 7pm, so it was bath and bed for them... I didn't get chance to sit down until I hit the sack at 12.30am... I was sooooo tired!

I've spent time re-arranging my bedroom/craftroom to try and create some extra space... it didn't work... so the purchasing of kitchen base units was brought forward and i've spent most of my time putting together units, ordered worktops which were delivered yesterday... just need to level the last unit which I put together yesterday and the bottom section will be done! Need 2 Wall Units for the side wall and then a trip to IKEA for some accessories, so looking forward to that part!
I would love to see your craft spaces as i'm looking for idea's and organizational help... so don't be shy please share!

In other news... HisLordShip is underfoot due to trying to be R Kelly and 'believing he could fly' over his workbike's handle bars... he's now nursing broken ribs! I swear men are worse than kids when they are ill and if he wanted sympathy... he's with the wrong woman... whahahaha!!!

Other than looking for jobs... i've not been doing that much really other than develop a love of T.V again... I am so into The Vampire Diaries... Supernatural Series 5... Drop Dead Diva and for the first time ever I watched Britain's Got Talent and actually enjoyed it :o
I'm still reading 'The Rapture' by Liz Jensen... I can't quite seem to get into it but i'm perservering!

Well I think i've rambled enough... I wasn't planning on such a long post but heyho that's life!

Thursday, 22 April 2010