Saturday, 7 August 2010

A day late...

But heyho... I got busy reading 'The Book Thief'... I was so glad that I was told to have the tissues at the ready... They were needed. Loved the story... It certainly makes you grateful for those you have in your life.

I also finished reading 'Photo Freedom' the previous night... It's reignited my mojo & I went and bought a photo album to finally do HisLordShips nana's album from her 80th in May.
I'm going to re-read the book & then dig all my photos out of hiding & get sorting... I'm loving Stacy's concept already.

Ok... So here's the card I made for my Mums 50th from my nana.

My mum likes frogs & I'd had these decoupage images made up for a while so thought I'd use one... I wasn't too sure with how to go with it... I'm not keen on the finished card but both nana & mum loved it & I suppose that's what matters.
I did make another from myself which I liked a little better but I forgot to take photos... Lol

Not had a good day today... Spent most of it avoiding everyone & listening to Kenny Chesney. Now I'm going to bed to start reading 'The Ice Cream Girls' by Dorothy Koomson

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Update... of sorts :D

Ok... so blogging has been abit lapse again, i'm not going to apologise like I usually do as i'm busy busy busy. Lots of cards are being made and lots of reading has been going on but very little Scrapping... just need to organise my time a little better and stop spending so much time looking for the photo's I want to scrap... which results in 'No Scrapping' as time has run out.
Unfortunately I had to sadly unsubscribe from the lovely Scrapagogo Kits yesterday... not down to pennies but down to the fact that I have about 23 boxes just piled high and felt they need to be used before I continue with my subscription.

I'm nearly finished with reading 'The Book Thief' and have to say it's a book I would recommend, took a little bit to get into it but now i'm really enjoying it.

Here's some information from Amazon :
The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak was the best-selling debut literary novel of the year 2007, selling over 400,000 copies. The author is a prize-winning writer of children's books, and this, his first novel for adults, proved to be a triumphant success. The book is extraordinary on many levels: moving, yet restrained, angry yet balanced -- and written with the kind of elegance found all too rarely in fiction these days. The book's narrator is nothing less than Death itself, regaling us with a remarkable tale of book burnings, treachery and theft. The book never forgets the primary purpose of compelling the reader's attention, yet which nevertheless is able to impart a cogent message about the importance of words, particularly in those societies which regard the word as dangerous (the book is set during the Nazi regime, but this message is all too relevant in many places in the world today).

Nine-year-old Liesel lives with her foster family on Himmel Street during the dark days of the Third Reich. Her Communist parents have been transported to a concentration camp, and during the funeral for her brother, she manages to steal a macabre book: it is, in fact, a gravediggers’ instruction manual. This is the first of many books which will pass through her hands as the carnage of the Second World War begins to hungrily claim lives. Both Liesel and her fellow inhabitants of Himmel Street will find themselves changed by both words on the printed page and the horrendous events happening around them.

Despite its grim narrator, The Book Thief is, in fact, a life-affirming book, celebrating the power of words and their ability to provide sustenance to the soul. Interestingly, the Second World War setting of the novel does not limit its relevance: in the 20th century, totalitarian censorship throughout the world is as keen as ever at suppressing books (notably in countries where the suppression of human beings is also par for the course) and that other assault on words represented by the increasing dumbing-down of Western society as cheap celebrity replaces the appeal of books for many people, ensures that the message of Marcus Zusak’s book could not be more timely. It is, in fact, required reading -- or should be in any civilised country. --Barry Forshaw

My next book will be 'IceCream Girls' by Dorothy Koomson... another fabulous Author. I was introduced to Dorothy Koomson by Rachel and have to say Thank-You as i've laughed and shed tears over these books.
I will let you know how I got on or didn't get on with the book as soon as I finish it.
I've also been reading 'Photo Freedom' by Stacy Julian... in the hopes that some organisation of some sorts will help with getting my Scrapping Mojo back... so far I am enjoying the book and getting lots of idea's that once i've finished and maybe re-read for a second time (as I don't want to dive in halfcock and make a mess of it all) I will start to put into place.
Think i'm going to finish 'Photo Freedom' tonight... then 'The Book Thief' tomorrow (as I have a little me time due to the boys going Ice Skating again with HisLordShip). Hopefully tomorrow i'll remember to do a post from my iphone with another card, I have many to show but think i'll be feeding you them slowly so I have things to keep the blog going.
Oh... yes... Jackie... I was glad I could help and hopefully you'll enjoy seeing the blog up and running again :D
Thank-You for all the lovely comments too... they are appreciated and i'm trying to leave comments when I visit blogs... but sometimes time is of the essence and I just can't.
Also... I promise there are a few layouts to share, I just need to find a nice spot with the right lighting to take some photo's, then I will share those :)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Stampin' Up 2 Step Bird Punch

Here are a couple of cards I made using the Stampin' Up 2 Step Bird Punch.
I used cardstock from my Scrapagogo Greetings Kits & the ribbon is from personal supplies.

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Quick Blog Candy Post...

Before I have to get dressed and nip out... yes i'm still in my Pj's :D

Jodi is offering some lovely Magnolia Candy... I missed buying this set and was gutted as it's such a lovely set.

Here is the so you can go and enter... you have to be in it to win it :D
Wishing everyone Good Luck :)

I'll be back later with an update... I have lots of cards to share as I have been busy busy busy, but they are on my iphone so need to figure out how to get multiple images into a post using the BlogPress App... right, need to get dressed and get moving... catch you laters :)