Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Just a quick post to let you know i've had to change my contact email address as at the moment Ntlworld AKA Virgin Media are messing about with our email accounts and I'm not receiving any emails, so i'm using my faithful Google account :)
Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused my lovely readers!

Sunday, 27 March 2011


I hadn't planned to be away for sooo long... Sorry!!!

I took a little time away to try and get my head around losing the Big Friendly Giant, still miss him sooo much, it's the little things that hit the most, turning to give him the ice-cream tub once it's finished or when i'm crafting he's usually under my feet... I know I have the cats but it's just not the same :(
Even though it'll be quite a while before we actually can bring ourselves to get another, we have discussed what type of dog we would like... I would like another GSD... or maybe two so they can play together... HisLordShip on the other hand wants 2 Husky's... and having already had a Husky for a short stay I'm definitely not keen on that idea, especially since i'll be the one at home with them the most!!!

As you may know I play World Of Warcraft, well HisLordShip has been playing since Day 1... I joined in about a year after, not long after that we met a lovely young man called Nils... HisLordShip and Nils have chatted more or less everyday for the last few years, but had never met in person so what better gift for a Special Birthday than to arrange for Nils to come to the UK for HisLordShips BIG 40th Birthday on the 14th March... there was a lot of secretive chats on skype and in-game to get it all aranged and the look on HisLordShips face when Nils walked through the door was absolutely the best!!!
The weekend was none stop... it was Nils first time in the UK... he couldn't believe how many shops we had so close to home (those we just take for granted)... he loved the big Tesco!!! One of the things on Nils list to do in the UK was to try our Fish & Chips so we took him to the Local Fish & Chip Restaurant where he & HisLordShip had the 16oz Fish... I have to say he did his best but it was just too big, then there was pudding... Chocolate Brownie Oreo & Vanilla Ice-Cream, now he had enough room for that... hehe! Saturday Night was a meal at a Chinese Restaurant with the family for Birthday drinks etc, we also squeezed in a few trips to some local parks... Lotherton Hall, Tropical World & Roundhay Park and we visited a few shops in search of a Toy Story Figure called Chunk but alas that mission was failed as we just could not find him... not even the Big Toys 'r' Us had him :(
Sunday evening we had to take Nils back to the Airport... the weekend just went tooo fast and we all wished we'd had longer... but we are hoping to meet up again in November and also meet Nils partner Joyce, so fingers crossed and hope it isn't another 5yrs :P

Crafting wise I have been extremely busy, I have created a project for FSIL little Rainbows, which meant cutting and prepping 46 little BirdHouses for them to make for their Easter Project and i've also been busy busy busy making items for FSIL Easter Fair at her daughters school which was yesterday... not heard anything yet but hoping it went well for them! Unfortunately I didn't get chance to take any photo's before I passed the goodies along but I have asked FSIL if she'd take some photo's for me and also of how she set it all up... so will have to wait until I see her next weekend!
I also have an Easter Fair on the 16th April at John Smeaton Community College... 10am - 1pm so if your in the area please do come and check it out... it's a joint venture for much needed school funds and the Charity they are supporting... so the more visitors the better or if you'd like to hear more about Stampin' Up or the Classes i'll be starting in April please do pop in to see me :)

April 1st see's the release of the absolutely jam packed gorgeous Mini Catalogue and over on the ILWS (In Love With Stamping) 56 Demo's have come together for Blog Hop Marathon on the 2nd April... we will be splitting up into 4 groups of 14 to make things a little easier for all you lovely readers :) I will be posting a full list in my sidebar again so if you were to get lost then you can just pop back here to the beginning and find your next blog! I can't wait to see what everyone creates... I've done my Peterborough Training Swaps for 10th April so now I'm Free to work on my project for the hop, I have my idea, just need to get them made... it's going to be sooo much fun!

Sorry for the long post and no photo's but as soon as I get some from my FSIL I will get them posted :)