Saturday, 7 August 2010

A day late...

But heyho... I got busy reading 'The Book Thief'... I was so glad that I was told to have the tissues at the ready... They were needed. Loved the story... It certainly makes you grateful for those you have in your life.

I also finished reading 'Photo Freedom' the previous night... It's reignited my mojo & I went and bought a photo album to finally do HisLordShips nana's album from her 80th in May.
I'm going to re-read the book & then dig all my photos out of hiding & get sorting... I'm loving Stacy's concept already.

Ok... So here's the card I made for my Mums 50th from my nana.

My mum likes frogs & I'd had these decoupage images made up for a while so thought I'd use one... I wasn't too sure with how to go with it... I'm not keen on the finished card but both nana & mum loved it & I suppose that's what matters.
I did make another from myself which I liked a little better but I forgot to take photos... Lol

Not had a good day today... Spent most of it avoiding everyone & listening to Kenny Chesney. Now I'm going to bed to start reading 'The Ice Cream Girls' by Dorothy Koomson

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JO SOWERBY said...

i loved the book thief, it really made you think about what happened to young children and families at such a challenging time in history
Jo xxxx