Monday, 6 September 2010

Update time again... and where did August go please?

Ok... so it's been a month again since my last update. Time just seems to be flying by sooo fast... we are three quarters of the way through the year already... it's very scary.

Ok... so here are a few more of the cards i'd made...

My nana asked for an 18th but wanted the numbers to be the card... so here was a quick card as it was very last minute and I wasn't exactly happy with it but she liked it so heyho.

This card was made for HisLordShips dad from the boys for Father's/Gramp's Day... he loves Meerkats and the digital stamp was perfect. He Loved it.

This card was also for HisLordShips dad on Father's Day... I used my Stampin' Up tag punches and my QuicKutz Alpha's.

This one was requested by Uncle & Nana for my Auntie Denise who lives Down South.

This is the one that I made for my Auntie Denise.

Now we come to my Cousin's 18th... he loves Goth... and as i'd never done Goth cards and so many for the same person I was stumped to say the least... but I found some pic's on the web and printed them out several times to decoupage them.
Here's the finished cards...
The Collection.
This one was from his dad

This one was from my nana.

This one was from my mum.

And this one was from me.
So that's it for now with cards... there are lots more to come... just need to photograph them/load them to the pc.

Now what else did I do in August... well we spent a lovely week at Primrose Valley in HisLordShips nana's static caravan. We hit the beach a few times... even once at 7am, it was so quiet and probably the best time to go as there was only about 5 people walking their dogs. the boys went shell seeking and I now have a large bag full... maybe for some projects. We did a couple of carboot sales that we stumbled across... boys got a few bargains, HisLordShip got a few books... and I was really good and resisted the crafts stalls.
The Sealife centre is always a must visit and this year they had Sea Dragons, which you weren't allowed to use any kind of camera lights on. We caught the minature train from Peasholm Park down to the Sealife centre and back again. We spent ages watching the Otters and stayed for the feeding and talk show... it was so fascinating even though we managed to catch it last year... they seemed to be outside more so we got lots of piccies and I was bought a large stuffed toy one.
I have a growing collection of Book Marks from the places i've visited and HisLordShip has started collecting the tags that go on walking sticks.
We had HislordShip's parent's come to stay on the last 2 nights of the holiday so had planned a few trips out... the boys wanted to do the Mini Tanks at Peasholm Park so we spent the Saturday there and they also got to do the Paintball and Laser Quest... a walk down the beach to the Pirate Crazy Golf where we had to split into 2 teams of 3... Grandparents & Cj (CABs)... HisLordShip & I with Tom (JETs)... we had the JETs versus CABs... and the JETs won... which was a surprise as it was my first time playing Crazy Golf... LOL
We finished Saturday with a trip to Filey to get some fish & chips for dinner.
Sunday was then spent packing in the morning... a trip to the Circus (Planet Circus who are on facebook) for the 2pm showing... it was amazing and definitely a fantastic way to end the holiday.

The boys started back to High School... YR8 on Friday... it's scray to think that in April they will be choosing their options for the next 3yrs. My babies are growing up soooo fast and so tall... they are nearly as tall as myself and i'm 5ft 2in... certainly taking after their father 6ft 2in.

I do have some other news but at the moment i'm still trying to process it all... very big step for me and a little scary... but i'll be back later to explain.


Jenny said...

I know what you mean, this year seems to have disappeared without trace! Those goth cards look fantastic, love them.

Sounds like you've had a busy August. Hope it all goes well with the return to school. *hugs* xx

Sandy Ang said...

What creative cards !