Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Post 60 & Some News...

Well... it's about time for another update and I have lots of news to share :)

Ok... so here are a few cards i've made recently... the first one was made for one of HisLordShip's work colleagues who recently got engaged
I used some Stampin Up Bride, Groom & Bridesmaid papers, which unfortunately are retiring and may have even sold out already.
I also made a couple of these cards for HisLordShip's sister's wedding anniversaries but bigger and used Stampin Up ink to change the colour for the first heart, unfortunately I didn't get photo's as they were out the house as soon as they were made but they looked fabulous.

Unfortunately I had to make a couple of last minute Get Well cards as FSIL partner's mum had a fall and broke her hip quite badly... so here is what I came up with...

Again I have used Stampin Up Paper's (reitiring), Stamp's... Curvy Verses, Oval All & All A Flutter (which will be in the New Catalogue) Punches... Scalloped Oval and Small Oval (also in the New Catalogue).

And speaking of Stampin Up... I took a very large step for myself and became a Demo... there has been so much to take in, and with all the changes of the New Catalogue too... ohhh my goodness you will absolutely love all the new goodies we are getting... I can't wait until October 1st to show you all :)
I'm hoping to start a Stamper's 10 Virtual Group... I will give details shortly but if your interested in the meantime please email me at twintroublex2@googlemail.com
I've to work out how to start adding the necessary links etc on the sidebars and add my email address link incase you'd like to order... hopefully i'll get that done this week sometime... or at least before the 1st October.

On the homefront things have been very up and down... busy busy busy... and i'll start by introducing you to...

Keira... a gorgeous Husky, about a year old, who was found abandoned in a park by a Park Ranger, one of HisLordShip's friends, they rang the Dog Warden who checked for chipping, she was chipped so the owner was contacted... she'd given the dog to a friend, friends details were given and was then contacted... they'd given the dog to 'A Bloke'... Dog Warden said if she was taken to pound they'd only be able to keep her 7days and if wasn't homed in that time she'd be destroyed... Park Ranger said 'No Way' put his details on the chip and took her home. Unfortunately his partner is starting Uni so 10 days after saving her HisLordShip said that we'd see how she got on with my dog and cat... she gets on great with Fubar (GSD) but Missy in picture below
Just does not get along with Keira... or rather Keira just wants to chase her. So poor Missy has been upstairs in the bedroom sulking for the last week or so as everytime she comes downstairs Keira chases her.
As well as a few other issues Keira has I had to make the decision that she just wasn't suited to our family at this moment in time and asked HisLordShip to phone a friend who we knew had been looking for a dog. Tonight we are making the journey to his house for Keira to visit and see how she gets on with his little boy and his partner... we're crossing fingers it goes well tonight and hopefully in next couple of weeks after a few more visits she will go and live with them.

And to top it all off... last night after making the phone call to his friend and getting the poochie sorted for a visit... I went upstairs, sat at my pc, heard a noise outside and spotted a white kitten with no collar in the garden... went down  and outside to check it out, looked up and down street, no sign of anyone looking for it, couldn't leave it outside as it's getting cold now so thought best to bring it in... she's going to need de-fleaing straight away... Missy isn't happy, keeps hissing and growling at it... but runs away when it goes near her.

This is Snowy as she's called at the moment... i've to find out how to see if she's chipped and if anyone is looking for her... if not I think she may end up staying... I'm sure Missy will eventually learn to either get along or at least tolerate her.

Other than all the animal commotions everything is ok... boys are enjoying school again, i'm enjoying a bit of time to myself even though i'm still looking for a JOB, the depression keeps sneaking in but I seem to to be able to push myself forward and not let take over completely which is ok, I can deal with that, just take each day as it comes.
This weekend... the boys will be staying with Grandparents as HisLordShip is going to paint and paper my bedroom/craft room... so i'll have to spend Friday moving all my craft supplies from the worktop surfaces and put them in the boys room... then when it's all done I can try and get myself organised properly as I want my cuttlebug and Slice machine down permanently so i can use them more, instead of having to get them out when needed, as sometimes I just can't be bothered LOL

Ok... so i've rattled on enough... lot longer than first thought... oops.. if your still here give yourself a pat on the back... hehe
Hopefully won't be too long before posts... but you never know :P

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Jenny said...

*squeeeee* at the fluffy animals! Glad you found a new home for Kiera and Snowy looks adorable. I'm sure she'll settle just fine. :) Congrats on the Demo. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for you since I need a new grid pad sometime soon. Cards are fab, as ever. {loves}