Sunday, 26 August 2007

My First Layout!!!

Ok... so here it is... my very first blog entry and my very first Layout...

This is a picture of my niece the day she should have been born!

I'm doing an album as a gift for her mum as I know she will appreciate it!

Ok... so the scary first entry is written... now do I post it or not???
If I don't post it you'll not see my work and I won't know if it's any good... but if I do post it you can all tell me how rubbish or not it is... so that I can improve my layouts!

Ok... here goes... I'm hitting the Publish Post button... wish me luck! LOL


Mary B said...

Wow if this is your very first layout, I am totally gobsmacked. I am not kidding you it is superb. well presented and beautiful done.

Pam said...

Congratulations- on your debut into the blogging world and your first fabulous LO. Your neice is absolutely gorgeous

Charlotte said...

That is the cutest photo ever! and very sweetly scrapped, lovely, your sister must be thrilled!