Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Couple Of New Layouts!

Ok... quick update with some layouts that i've done for my boys A-Z Albums!

They are 8x8 in size!

This A for Arrival:
These are the very first photo's of the boys... just after they arrived in the Neo-Natal unit at St James Hospital! They weighed in at 3lb 5oz & 3lb 10oz and were born 6 weeks early!
This B for Bonafide:
I love these photo's of them and chose the word Bonafide as even though they are twins they are complete opposites of each other Thomas (top) is the loud, outgoing, cheeky, poser where as Calum (bottom) is the more quiet, reserved, thoughful, shy one!
This is C for Cheeky Chaps:

Another of my favourite photo's... it was taken to be entered into a competition and the photographer loved them and kept calling them Cheeky Chaps!
This is D for Daddy:

I have a lot of photo's of these 3 together... asleep on the sofa... as when it was time for daddy to take a nap, the boys would join him... so peaceful!
This is E for Eyes:

I said I loved these photo's... i've turned them balck and white but brought the blueness of their eyes out using layering techniques in Photoshop (after a tutorial from my friend Natbags)!
With those colour eyes and eyelashes to die for... they are certainly heartbreakers!

This is F for Family:

This is a photo taken the day we were bringing the boys home for the first time since they were born and after 3weeks 4days of being in hospital... I couldn't wait! Also the very first & only family photo!

This is G for Gramps:

This a photo of the boys the month before they turned 4yrs old, they are with their new baby cousin Abby and Their Gramps... they would get so jealous of Gramps holding Abby that they would go straight to him and want to play!

This is H for Handful:

Photo was taken at 1.20am, 3 days after the boys were born! I was sooo tired but it was worth it as it was the first time i'd been able to hold them since they were born!
I was struggling with where to put the journalling on this layout but after a suggestion by Scrappy~Sarah on UKS I will be putting it on the back! I'm always thinking of ways to do hidden journalling as I have done with many of these layouts, yet I never thought to just write on the back of the layout... so thank-you Sarah x

I know the layouts are the same, more or less but that's the joys of having twin boys who always look to see who got the best and with not wanting to upset either of them I decided that their albums will be the same... to save my ears from the bickering and arguing Club Me

The photo's aren't that great in a few of the layouts as the originals were polaroids! Shocked


kelly said...

love this album soo cute!!! gonna do one for each of my kids me thinks a kind of baby album all in one lol its your fault that im goin to but 3 new albums now oh and stuff to fill them hehe

Inspiration Alley said...

Thanks for sharing these layouts. I love them. It's really nice to see how children grow and change. Your children are gorgeous and your layouts really show their personalities.

Cass said...

Your LO's are gorgeous and such two cute little boys.

Cass xx

Shirley said...

Great to see how the boys have grown and love the LO's you have done for them :)

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Love the LOs. Look forward to seeing I-Z! My nephews are 14 and 16 but I feel a couple of A-Zs coming on! (I've got to do something with the stacks of baby photos!) Thanks for the inspiration.

barmyowlscoo said...

Lovely LOs , What a fab album you are building, your boys are so cute to.

mmwwaahh211 said...

hia, just popping by to say thanks for visiting my blog!

Your boys are gorgeous, and I am loving the album you are making, are you getting tired of making duplicates of all your LOs! loL!

L x

Jazzy1972 said...

The book is looking fab and what gorgeous pictures of your wee boys. Gorgeous.

daydreamer said...

lovely LO's of your boys, they will treasure them in the future i'm sure, you must have had your hands full when they were toddlers!! x

mandijane said...

What an item to treasure for your treasures.....everything is beautiful....

Debsg said...

Aww your boys are beautiful. Great LOs and a fab idea. Deb x

Sharon said...

What cuties & a fantastic keepsake. I noticed the boys were born in St James which led me to look at your profile . . . . . another Leeds Lass LOL!! HI there.
Sharon :-)x

elliemook said...

Beautiful layouts, your boys books are going to be fab

jay670120 said...

Great album and what bonny boys you have now !!!! I was a prem baby many years ago too !!!! only 3lb born !!!!

Enfys said...

Your boys are beautiful and the albums are great!

angeljakki said...

This is such a lovely idea, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog x