Monday, 6 October 2008

'R' Layouts!

After looking back through my posts I realised I hadn't posted the boys 'R' Layouts... so thought i'd take a moment to do them now!

This is Calum...

This is Thomas...

They absolutely loved these bikes... we were glad they did as it was a mad search on the day of their 3rd birthday to find a shop that had 2 bikes the same instock and that the boys would like, or rather that I liked... hehe!

I'm working on some more Christmas Cards at the moment, which I will hopefully photo/scan a few more tomorrow, but have idea's for the letter 'T' in the boys A-Z... TaeKwondo... which i'm hoping to get to work on at some point this week, as well as my idea for Challenge 37 'Secrets'... I know i'm behind on that one as Challenge 38 went up today but heyho!


Karin said...

Love your lay-outs!!
Thank you for making a link for the new challengeblog.
Good luck in the draw.

xoxo karin

Vicky said...

Just wanted to say hello, as I see you are from Leeds like myself. Where abouts are you from? I live between Rothwell and Middleton. Fab blog by the way, love your LO's. I've not really ventured into scrapbooking yet, am more of a card maker, although I did mke a mini book for my grandma's 80th birthday last year!

Have a great weekend!

Vicky x