Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A.W.O.L again...

So so sorry... life just seems to be getting in the way... so much to do, so little time and World Of Warcraft seems to have taken a hold of me... I am just loving playing the game again... my DK (Death Knight) is now level 80 and my main character is slowly leveling as well as working on her skills... I know you don't want to hear about WoW though so will move on to the next subject of Work... Something that I have started and is taking a while getting used to and when they stop messing me around will hopefully become more enjoyable and hopefully more hours!
I have managed a couple of cards and here is where WoW meets crafting (hehe)... this first one was made for a friends birthday and must say he loved it so much he was taking it to work with him :)

This second one was made for Hislordship for his birthday... another Wow meets crafting card :)

I have just been reading the lovely Monica's site and found out this lovely bit of Blog Candy is up for grabs and a new challenge site to go with it ... ... i've also added the blinkie to the top of my profile box, which hopefully works as Blogger is being a pain this morning!!!

Well... now I'm off to fight with NPower so will hopefully be back later with the two layouts finally completed and also a few Mother's Day Cards that I need to make :))

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