Friday, 4 June 2010


I can't believe we are in June already... Where is the year going?

So I seem to have found myself in a depressive funk since returning from GogoGetaway... tried to kid myself I wasn't but can no longer do it. I hate how it creeps up and just takes over... Need to find some new ways of dealing with it... Set myself some new Realistic Goals and stop saying I'll do this or that and never get round to actually doing it! Forgetting to do things... Late payments... Forgetting to reply to emails are just a few of the things that have come to light... So ladies who emailed me regarding GogoGetaway photos... I will get an email to you and apologise for the delay!
When I go through these funks as I call them, I tend to shut myself off as much as possible and spend way too much... I've set myself a task of buying only things I can use over and over again like punches or nestabilities but even then I can go OTT and spend a small fortune... I need to get a grip on my crafting purchases... Is there an addicts group out there???

I've been doing lots of thinking about how I need to try and organise my time better and not procrastinate so much on the pc looking at everyones blogs through Google Reader... Inspiration overload... So many nice ideas and not enough time to excute any... I need a serious kick up the butt!

I have a been creating though so suppose that's one good thing... I did 25 little Thank-You cards to go with the Invites for HisLordShips nana's 80th party... Which I will try and upload in a moment!

First post from my phone... So hoping it goes through ok :) x

Edit... Photo of Thank-You card is on my pc so will upload as soon as lazy bugger gets up :P

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