Friday, 15 October 2010


Sorry for disappearing... things have been busy and stressful round here at the moment... got a lot on my mind but heyho!
As I mentioned in a previous post we have found Keira a new home... she's settling in nicely albeit a few mishaps but hopefully they will subside. Do you remember me mentioning this little lady below...

Well... she has no chip so has been booked to get one and will be joining our little family... she is officially named Snowy.

Missy in the picture above has had me very worried as she's not been well... all last weekend she did nothing but sleep, no eating, drinking... just sleep... Monday she seemed to perk up a bit and started eating, only a little but alas eating and drinking a little, but she still was out of sorts... Wednesday she started making clicking sounds with her tongue and looked as if she was struggling to swallow so I rang the vet who gave me an appointment for 4pm. I took both Missy & Snowy (as she'd become a little too sleepy) to get them checked and it seems Missy may have picked up a Virus that she kindly shared with Snowy... a shot of anti-biotics for both and an extra strong painkiller for Missy as she has a blister on her tongue... a course of anti-biotics to give them at home for the next week too... and boy are they loving that as i'm crushing the tablets up and mixing it with Tuna twice a day... and of course Fubar has to have his share of the Tuna without medicine.
Today they seem to have perked up and are back to chasing each other around the house.

On the crafting side of things there hasn't been as much as i'd like... my mind just hasn't been on it and what I have created I can't share at the moment as they are for swaps or Christmas gifts... although I can share one after Sunday as i'm going to Peterborough with the lovely Monica for a training event where we will be holding a swap using items from the New Catalogue.
I promise I will try and get some New Catalogue inspiration on here as soon as possible but in the meantime if you'd like to place an order then please feel free to contact me via the email address under the catalogue to the right in my sidebar :)

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