Thursday, 25 November 2010


I had planned on posting last Tuesday but with an emergency appointment made for the vet it just wasn't possible.
This Young Man
Had us all worrying... he had a slight swelly belly on the Monday evening, but didn't think too much of it as he hadn't been to the toilet yet, Tuesday morning it was slightly bigger, so let him in the garden for a while, came in and laid down on the rug in the room, swelling not as bad... went upstairs for a bit to get a few cards done, came down and his swelly belly was a lot larger and he'd had an accident on the rug, which is unlike him, so I rang the vet who said she couldn't get me in until the Wednesday, I asked if there was any way to be seen today (just felt that he needed to be seen as soon as possible), she said I could go but it would be a sit and wait, "absolutely fine" was my reply.
He was first assessed, then booked straight in with the vet who saw him within minutes... Forms signed to investigate, to ascertain whether it was fluid or blood... vet came back, not good news, it was blood which meant he was bleeding internally and he needed an x-ray to see whether it was in his lungs as if it was there was no hope for him but it not in his lungs then there was a fighting chance... x-rays came back and it was not on his lungs but he'd lost a lot of blood so there was a chance he may not pull through the operation, so with permission they went ahead with the emergency operation, the wait was unbearable... sat there waiting to see if your baby boy pulled through the operation or not whilst everyone else is coming and going with their pets... after what seems like forever the vet came out and said he'd pulled through the op but the next 24hrs were critical as he'd lost half his body's blood, his spleen had had a tumour on it and that had ruptured so they took it all out and unbelievably found no other tumours, so if he pulled through the next 24hrs he'd have hopefully a few more years with us, but it was only because I got him in when I had, if i'd waited until the Wednesday he wouldn't have made it through Tuesday night!
He had to be transported to another surgery as they didn't cater for overnight patients... so in the car he placed and a trip to Bradford ensued... I didn't want to leave him all alone in the vets but I wasn't allowed to stay... he'd be sedated and hooked up to an IV.
I rang the next morning at 10am, after no sleep, to find that he was a lot brighter and had even been to the toilet, apparently it's always a good sign... lol, I was also allowed to pick him up at lunchtime... Yay, relief was an understatement to what I feeling at that moment!
A quick trip to The Range for a nice clean new bed and some treats, then to pick him up :) The new bed was placed across the back seat for him to lay on, he was still a bit out of it with the pain meds etc but he was ok... he did nothing but sleep for the first few hours of being home... I had a much needed cat nap too... boys came home from school and were over the moon to see him.
I had to take him back for a check-up at my vets on the Thursday and they were surprised how much he'd brightened up and would enjoy the box of Heroes choccies we took them :)
He's brightened up a lot over the last week and is due back to the vets on Monday for his stitches out, then hopefully it'll just be a regular check-up from then onwards!

I'll be back later with a crafty updated!


Jenny said...

Good to hear he's doing alright now :)*hugs*

Nancy said...

Hi, i read your blog regularly but have never posted, I just wanted to say I'm happy your "puppy" will be fine. I love pets as much as I do crafting. Lucky you to have him! :) I can't have any dogs where I live now, and I so much want one, one day I hope!
Take care!

Rachel B said...

What a relief! It's all down to your quick thinking though. Glad he is on the mend :) thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

I am so glad he is ok.....hoping you have many more years with him...have a great evening!

enjoy *~*

Em said... worrying!I am glad to read he got through the op okay. I hope he is recovering well :) x