Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year... New Start!!!

First of all... Happy New Year to One & All, Here's hoping '2011' is a better one!
I know I said I would be back with Christmas cards... Sorry... but things went completely manic and then I became poorly... still not feeling 100% but I'll not let it beat me!

Ok... so as the title say... New Year, New Start!

With the start of the New Year I took a couple of days just to adjust and think about things I'd like to achieve this year and things I'd like to take part in, you'll notice I've said 'Like To' as I've realised that in the past I put too much pressure on myself to get things done and always end up failing miserably! There are so many challenges at the start of the Year and I always feel I'd like to join them all as they look great... but this year I think I'll just see how things go and maybe join a couple and even try and combine a few... who knows, maybe I'll actually finish a few this time, but then maybe i won't!

One of the things I decided I'd like to take part in, is this... 52 Photo's in 52 Weeks and there is also a Flickr Group where we will upload our photo's!

Prompt 1: This first week we are doing an easy prompt; we want you to take a photo on January 1 at 20:11 or as you Americans say 8:11 pm.
I was in the Kitchen at the time... quickly grabbed my new BlackBerry Torch (yes I have crossed over to the dark side and left my Iphone behind... but that's another story for another post) and took this piccie...

Not sure yet what I'm going to do with the photo's I take... I'm thinking along the lines of combining them with a Pagemaps or Creative Scrappers Sketch and Scrapbooking them or maybe just popping them into one of these Little Cuties of which I have 2 on the way... a Lavendar and a Sky Blue, which is also another first for the New Year as I had to join Etsy and these were my Very First Purchase... Yay!

Another one I'm attempting is Cathy Zielske's Move More Eat Less, I jumped on the scales and they screamed at me to get off... I've not been happy with my weight and how I look at all for the last few years... I've always been a Yoyo dieter, lost it and put it back on but this last year or so I've just not been able to shift it... so on my Christmas list this year was This! I just need to get myself an Xbox Live account and I'll be off, with the Moving More. I started Cathy's programme yesterday and am trying to cut down on my sugary cravings... keeping a log of what I eat is actually helping, just need to keep my mind on achieving the end goal of being healthier and fitter... maybe even a bit slimmer! 

One of my other aims this year is to declutter this house... once and for all... It's driving me insane! I seem to do a bit and then it just gets cluttered again... I know it's a small rabbit hutch of a house and I would rather be somewhere else a bit bigger but whilst I am waiting for that to happen I will just have to do the best I can in the situation I am in at the moment!
I also really need to do something about my Stamp Addiction as it really is getting ridiculous... I have just too many and to be honest I don't know half/3 quarters of what I do own... I need to find a system of being able to see what I have and maybe organising them a bit better! I love the Stampin Up's new Clear Mount's as they come in a dvd style case and along the side next to the name is a picture of the stamps, so easy to find something your looking for or stumble as in my case of an image to go with my project.

Talking of Stampin Up I will be posting another post with their Fantastic offer of earning 'Free Stamps' Yep you read it right... 'FREE STAMPS'... From 30th December until 28th February!

For now I will sign off as this has turned into a rather long, probably boring, post!

Until Next Time... Hugs xxx

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