Monday, 30 May 2011

Wow... where has May gone???

I'm not going to start this post off with an apology as to be honest I've just been extremely busy... i've done a couple of car boot/table top sales... now have a break until July where I have another 2 possibly 3 to attend! I will however apologise as will all preparations for these sales I simply forgot to photograph any of the projects, so have no new photo's... as yet!!! As I mentioned above I have a few more to prepare for so will be busy this month making and creating new cards & goodies for sale, so will try my best to take some photo's to blog!

I've been on a bit of downer lately... life is stressful at the moment and the feeling that something was missing from it, but I just couldn't put my finger on it... one night I decided to flick through my pc at all the classes I have purchased and not gotten round to doing... I found Stacy Julian's iScrap... thought this may be a nice easy project to have a go at so started looking through my photo's from 2010 for each of the iScrap Statements and stumbled across my Scrapagogo Getaway photo's from March 2010... I couldn't believe it had only been a year since I was away with such lovely ladies, who I seem to have lost contact with... I didn't like the feeling that it had been longer than I thought... so I jumped onto the GoGo site to see which Getaway still had places available and booked myself on one straight away! October 2012 was the earliest I could get... seems so long away but I can't wait to get together with all the fantastic ladies again... if you've been on one of their Getaways then you'll know what a great feeling it is to be around them and all the lovely ladies who come from miles around to attend!
This was also the last time I actually scrapped anything... apart from the one layout from a training event in Peterborough recently... I was shocked to realise this as my first love of papercrafting was Scrapbooking! I've signed up for Finding Photo Freedom to hopefully give me a boot up the jacksie to get more scrapping done... I think i'm just overwhelmed with all the photo's I have and that I want to scrapbook chronologically, when I should just be having fun and scrapping the photo's that jump out at me, instead of putting them to one side and saying i'll do that when I get to that part of the album!
So hopefully I will also have lots of Layouts to share along my way!
I'm rambling as i'm just so excited... to be doing things I love instead of things that just need doing!

Ohhh... before I forget... some more exciting news... I'm a FEATURED BLOG... eeekkk!!! I can't believe this little blog of mine is worthy of even being Featured!

Despite feeling Icky... all this excitement has me feeling on cloud nine :)

Until Next Time... HUGS 'n' XXX

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