Friday, 15 June 2012

Special Card Request…

It was HisLordShip’s Nana’s birthday on 30th May and I was asked to make a special card by her partner so I set about browsing blogs and Google Images where I came across a lovely card that I knew she would love, I’m not sure who the blog belonged to as I’ve lost it from my bookmarks Sad smile so if the card is your design please do let me know so I can give credit where it’s due Smile 

This is what I came up with… I used my Yellow Spica Pen to go round the edges of the yellow flowers to give that little bit of sparkle… because at 82 you deserve a bit of sparkle in your life Open-mouthed smile 


I also decorated inside the card…


I also created another of this card but without the personalisation of a name on it… I thought it would be a nice addition to my stock pile of cards… but it was snapped up straight away by MIL who had a friend whose birthday it was and she needed a really nice card and thought this was just perfect!!! 

Now I also had to come up with some designs for nana from the boys, HisLordShip & I… I was stumped as I really liked the design I’d done above… so what was I to do… well the boys gave me the initial inspiration as they wanted something with buns on as Great Nana always buys them HUGE Chocolate Muffins and Cookies… so I Googled  ‘Create A Cupcake’ by Stampin’ Up!… a great opportunity to play with my new stamp set and matching punch Smile
I came across a couple of stunning cards by the lovely Jo Dumbleton and they were using the new In-Colours which I had yet had chance to play with… perfect I thought!!!

This is my attempt at recreating the lovely Jo’s Cupcake Shop… From Thomas…


I decorated the inside too…


This one is from Calum…


Again I decorated inside…


Excuse the fingers, but it just wouldn’t play nice and sit still Open-mouthed smile

I forgot to take a photo of the card I created from HisLordShip & I but I have to say she loved all 3 cards and they took pride of place on her fireplace where everyone could see.

Now for the gift… I struggled and struggled… I mean what do you give a lady turning the grand age of 82, when she wants something she buys it, which leaves us all a bit stumped with gift giving… so the night before her birthday, yes I couldn’t believe I had left it so late, I finally came up with the answer…


A small shadowbox with a layout of her three favourite Great Grandchildren!!!
This now sits on top of the Fireplace where there once was a ‘crappy’ photo of the boys… nana’s words… not mine Open-mouthed smile

Now I have to say this is the smallest and fastest layout I have ever completed… It’s 6x6 in size and took me an amazing 25mins to complete from choosing the papers etc to sticking it all down… I shocked myself as I have never completed a layout in less than an hour before… maybe I should scrapbook in this size more often Rolling on the floor laughing 

Until Next Time… HUGS ‘n’ XXX


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