Sunday, 4 May 2008

More Blog Candy!

Blog hopping again for a little while... mostly reading as my hands are feeling very tight again today, but wanted to let everyone know about some more blog candy I found on Kitty's Blog... a chance to win a Bella stamp and a few other goodies :)

Here is the link...

Have had a nice day yesterday whilst the sun was shining... after picking boys up from TaeKwando my friend and her little boy came to visit, we did a bit of shopping, McDonald's for Lunch, sat outside in the sun with a drink of juice whilst all 3 boys sat playing with cars rolling down the steps and crashing... it's amazing how the little things keep them laughing!

Today has been nice and relaxing... quite a lazy day really... nice long soak in bath for me this morning whilst boys kept themselves occupied with one on the Wii downstairs and other watching a film in their bedroom! Now to think about Dinner... don't feel like cooking but suppose I better before they start wasting away! :P

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Shirley said...

Thanks for the link :)