Friday, 9 May 2008

Inspiration Needed!!!

I've been doing a lot of blog hopping, seeing loads of lovely cards and was wondering where do you all get your inspiration and what are these challenges mentioned, where are the sites?

If you'd like to leave me links to the challenge blogs I would be most grateful as I am so lacking motivation and inspiration but that could be due to my neighbour keeping me up until 5am this morning due to her partying in the back garden and that I can hear everything through the walls... I'm actually struggling to keep my eyes open whilst typing this... bath and early to bed for me tonight so I'm refreshed for the LPD Crop tomorrow, which reminds me I need to bake a batch of choc chip buns, as requested by Rach (Reward ) & Nats (Natbag) before I jump in the bath!

I've not really done anything crafty these last few days... think i'm up to date with all the stamped images I said i'd do, but if I do owe anyone please do let me know! I did have to re-do the layout I was doing that I promised i'd post as I hated the first attempt, but hopefully tomorrow evening I shall post the new one, still not 100% keen on it but i'm not doing it over again!

Well... until tomorrow evening, I'll bid you all goodnight xxx


dddeeebbbzzz said...

I'm new to the challenge thing but I've had a go at the weekly challenge on UKS and also I've done one on RainbowLadys Challenge Blog. Hope this helps! Enjpy your crop.

Monica said...

If I m ever stuck for inspiration for card making I always onto splicoaststampers, the standard of cards is always high and very varied, it is A HUGe forum and at first intimidating but you soon find your way round just check the out the gallery. Hugs M xxx