Monday, 12 May 2008

New Layout!!!

Well... here is the new layout that I promised I would post... but life gets in the way sometimes and I was at my crop Saturday, then Natbag & I did a bit of shopping down at Crown Point, then she dropped me with my friend and my boys, we walked back to my friends and had some tea, then boys played on the trampoline until around 10pm, and home by 10:30pm... so a late night for me as boys are usually in bed by 9pm at latest on the weekend, evil mummy I am... Hehe! I need to get them a trampoline but it would take the whole of my back garden... so am a little unsure but would be nice for the boys to be able to have something outside to do on an evening after school... hmmmm... decisions!

I didn't like the first attempt so decided to re-do the whole thing!
It's a scraplift of one of SugarAlmond's layouts of her gorgeous little boys :)

Yes... tis Moi! Just 4yrs ago... lord how time changes us! I really need to lose the excess weight i've gained in the last 4yrs but as much as I try it just won't shift :(

The Quote was from a site that Mwahhhhh!! posted on her blog... so thank-you very much Laura as I was stumped as to what to pop next to the photo, seeing the Quote also brought the title to mind too... I like how things just fall together :)

Well... that's all i've completed so far... but hopefully get some more done soon! At the moment i'm working on my Passport Challenge for GOGO-GETAWAY... yes i'm going and I just cannot wait... my first time away since I was 18yrs old and it's an early birthday treat to myself and with it being the big 30 this year I felt I deserved a treat, along with another the weekend after my actual birthday in July, a weekend with the Leeds Paper Dolls in Cumbria, perfect for me as I love the Coutryside... I felt rather guilty too about going away by myself for 2 weekends and my boys being left behind, and seeing as though they hadn't had a real family holiday I decided to book a weeks holiday in Cumbria for end of July to beginning August for them, my friend and her daughter... Ohhhh I have so much to look forward to :)
I am so pleased with myself these last couple of years as I have done so much that I wouldn't have dreamt of doing before... ohhhh here's to the future and what it will bring... maybe a house move, which would be just perfect for personal reasons... hehe!

Oh well... have to go do some tidying and more organising of craft supplies... need a bigger house just for all that :P


Em said...

Hey Erika, that's a fab layout. The paint looks great and I love the quote. A lovely picture of yourself too :) xx

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Great LO! A super quote - I've never heard it before. It sounds as thought you've got lots to look forward to.

Andrea said...

what a super layout and how true those words, thankyou for comments on my blog x