Saturday, 20 September 2008

Construction Work!!!

Ok so the instructions said it will take... 2 people to construct this unit... it was obviously written by men for men... as it took just me 30-45 mins to construct this 3 block by 4 block unit!

It did take myself and my 2 boys to get it up the stairs however, as it was rather heavy! It's now sat outside my bedroom door, which the boys have kindly decorated with stickers, as I need to remove some drawers which will go into the boys bedroom so that I can place the unit where I want it to go... then comes the job of finally organising my craft supplies and donating what I won't use to the boys school, which there will be quite a lot, like the dreaded Colossal Packs i'm sure we all bought at the beginning of our scrapping journey!

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