Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Ok so blogger is now uploading my photo's I can do a quick update before boys get up for school!
Christmas was nice and relaxed... we stayed home this year... had grandparents and aunt come to us for an hour or so in the morning after we'd opened our gifts!
I was really good this year and didn't go OTT on the boys... their main gift was the Nintendo DS and by the looks of these pic's it was a well recieved pressie


Christmas Day Evening was spent at grandparents house for the evening party... few drinks and nibbles along with one of the cousins bringing their Wii & Wii Fit... very hilarious when slightly intoxicated!
The rest of Christmas was nice and quiet... spread between home and Grandparents house!

New Years Eve... again nothing special... just a quiet night in with my thoughts and the boys!

Since the World of Warcraft Expansion Pack... Wrath Of The Lich King has come out, I have been playing it quite a lot... I Love my DK (Death Knight)... only have one problem... I now need a new pc as this is sooo slow at the moment, it'll grind to a halt soon :(

3rd of January... I was whisked out for some fresh air whilst the boys were out shopping with grandparents for their birthday pressies!
A nice ride out to Otley Chevin... very cold but sooo refreshing and I just love the view!

Yes I was naughty for not having proper bike gear on... but I will invest or get someone to treat me if I am to go on more often :P

I've not had chance to do much crafting what with WoW and trying to make a start on decluttering my house... I'm doing it slowly and also trying to downsize my furniture at the same time... It's a huge task but I will get it done!

This Saturday just past was an evening out for the boys birthday which is tomorrow... I feel sooo old as they turn 11... and it'll soon be time for High School!
We went to a lovely restaurant where you can see the pizza's being made and when the boys cake was brought out, the whole restaurant was made to sing 'Happy Birthday' to them! Here's a couple of pic's...

Today's task is to go get some bits for a little tea-party for tomorrow night when grandparents bring the boys gifts round!
I know for a fact the boys are getting the Wii Fit from grandparents as I had to order it for them... but... I wonder who will get most use out of that :P

Well... I suppose I best go get the boys up from their pits and ready for school... hopefully back soon with something craftwise to show you :)


Dee said...

Hello there hun, it's nice to see a photo of you and Jason together - I can put names to faces now, lol. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon of crafting yesterday, was thinking of you and wondering what you'd be making. Missed you in the instance last night though. We did pretty well with 4 but we could have done with your DK presence. My my your boys are growing at some rate - they've really grown up since those first LOs on UKS.

Dee said...

Me again! Just come out of the instance at Utgard and had a look on http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=23953#comments
and there's a strategy posted by Amrun which might help us next time. I love questing with you guys - it's such a larf! Who cares that we don't beat down the boss lol :-)