Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bad Bad Blogger...

I'll just stand in the corner & hang my head in shame!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since June last Year... I know I know... there is no excuse... except that Life just gets in the way and I'm absolutely useless at keeping up with things!

It's February 1st 2010... and so MY year begins... I don't start with January as it's quite hectic with boys birthday etc and your still getting over the Christmas & New Year hub!

My Word for this year is... FOCUS

I have been reading blogs through Google Reader for some time now and have to say it's fantastic... even more so this year as i'm trying to cut my time on the computer down so that I can spend more time doing other things that are more important and actually get some crafting done instead of drooling over everyone else's work... everyone creates such fantastic masterpieces that I feel guilty for reading and not having time to comment... so I must apologise now for not commenting on blogs!

Scrapdolly... is running a year long challenge called 52 in 10(scrapping about ourselves)... every Sunday a prompt is posted on her blog for those who wish to take part, it's a PDF, which is great for me as I'll be able to read it on my Sony Reader at crops instead of printing it out... so far I've saved the prompts and have ordered some prints that i'll need for the layouts I have in mind... hopefully the prints will arrive soon so I can get started and catch up!
I also noticed a couple of blogs running challenge's for the year... Scrap Weekly & 52 Weeks of Stress-Free Scrapbooking... so i'm hoping to combine the three and create as many layouts as possible this year... surely 52 layouts is do-able... even for me!!!
I have a huge pile of Scrapagogo kits all nicely piled in their yellow boxes... unused & gathering dust... so my aim for this year is to reduce this pile and create as many layouts & cards as possible before I buy anymore papers etc... I will still get my GoGo Kit as they provide the lovely new papers that are coming out... so will hopefully reduce temptation to buy anymore!

For some reason this didn't post yesterday so i've edited to add the question below!!!

I'm sorting out my stamps again as i have a huge pile waiting to go into Cd Cases but whilst unmounting some from the EZ-Mount Foam I've found they are leaving the glue on the back of the rubber... it's really really sticky and it's just a horrible mess... if anyone knows of the best way to remove the excess glue I would really apprecaite your help and advice!

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blackdragon said...

Hello hun.... its now march!
Twin boys? i have twin girls... so i know you need 32 hours in the day just to break even.
Lighter fluid takes sticky off the back of stamps, as does WD 40, before i demount mine i soak them in nearly boiling water... i've found it makes the mount come off a lot easier.... and if all else fails and the back of your stamp is still sticky i rub talcum powder on 'em... no more sticky!!!!
Come and join in a Tellens place challenge sometime.... look forward to seeing your work... some of the freebie images are great for boys cards!
xxx lynx