Thursday, 4 March 2010

I've decided February was just not my month at all... I think it went by just way too fast and wasn't helped with being the shortest month of the year!

March however has got off to a flying start...
  • 1st... I got my C.V. sorted so now I'm even more set for Job applications!
  • 2nd... Handed over the 20 invitations i'd made for HisLordShip's Nana's 80th party and actually earnt some pennies YAY! Pennies are being popped aside to pay towards the cupboards etc I want for my craft room
  • 3rd... Sat and popped a whole heap of decoupage images together ready to make some cards as I have both HisLordShip's Birthday and Mother's Day all on the same day... He's not happy about having to share his birthday... Hehe never mind, it's not like it happens every year :P
  • Today... I'm blogging and feeling in an upbeat mood even after only 5hours kip last night!

Have any of you done any cards with the Pepper & Friends decoupage images that you are willing to share... I need some inspiration as the images are a bit bigger than most i've used before!

I do have a few bits to show you as I have been creating but I need to charge the camera batteries... and find the charger... but I will be back!

Right... now i'm off to see what papers I have in the house that will go with my decoupaged images... and make sure I have some cardstock (Nearly ALL my crafting supplies are still at HisLordShip's parent's house... I want my goodies back!... it's a pain having to nip up there all the time.)

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alexandra s.m. said...

Hi twin,

Thank you for following art scrap & more.
I wish you the BEST of luck in your projects!