Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I’m Back…

Firstly I'd like to show you my very first Easel card… it is a CASE from the lovely Jules as I was asked very last minute.com by HisLordShip who needed it for the very next day… and by last minute we are talking phone call at 9pm on an evening and needed for 9am the very next morning… MEN!!!


I have to apologise for disappearing but I have been very busy and time just seems to be flying by… before you know it it’ll be Christmas!!! Surprised smile

The 8th July was my 33rd birthday… where have the years gone??? I’m not one who likes a huge fuss… it’s just another day and another year older… so when asked what I wanted for my birthday I simply requested some pennies towards the camera I am saving for… and of course everyone obliged so when I get my pennies from HisLordShip (payday this Friday Open-mouthed smile) I’ll be shopping around for the best deal! I have wanted THIS camera ever since it was released but in true mommy style I couldn’t justify the cost of yet another camera (HisLordShip has the Nikon D80)… I could have bought it several times over already but have always found something more important to purchase… this time I will be buying it, despite a weeks holiday and school uniform to purchase… I'm tired of hearing ‘My Camera’ whenever I want to use HisLordShip’s Nikon… and I am so over putting myself last and getting no respect or thanks in return!!!

I received the most gorgeous card from the Lovely Monica my Stampin’ Up Mummy 

erika main[12]

I have borrowed the picture from Monica’s blog as the lighting in my living room in very dismal and Monica takes the most stunning photo’s! I just love the colour Purple and I know how you struggle with this colour Monica but think you have done a fantabulous job… it is just stunning… Thank-You sooo much!!! xxx

9th July saw me at my boys school holding a Craft Stall… it went quite well and I did a bit better in sales than the previous one so was happy about that! As usual I forgot to get photo’s… must try harder in future!!!
Now I need to start prepping for my Craft Stalls in September, October & a 2 day Market Stall in December… I can’t wait… lots of Halloween treats and banners… ohhh and Christmas Decorations and gifts! I Love Christmas!!!

I do have a few other bits to show you so keep checking for updates and in the meantime I received my Stampin’ Up order which means I can finish prepping the bags for the Teacher’s Gifts… just in the nick of time as they break up on the 23rd July!!!


Until Next Time… HUGS ‘n’ XXX

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