Friday, 15 July 2011

I’ve been…


I know shock horror… I actually played with paper and photo’s… for fun!!!

When I signed up for next years March & October’s ScrapaGoGo's Retreats I made myself a promise that I would use the 23 Scrapagogo Kits that I had stacked up!!!
Over on the Forum there is a challenge called ‘GoGo Use It Up 2011’… I decided this was a great challenge to get me back into scrapping… I started with my oldest boxed kit which was October 2008 and off I went!

Here is the first layout…


I used this sketch…


The photo was taken whilst on a walk through Swallow Hall’s Forestry… the boys said the tree had BooB’s… but we thought they looked more like eyebrows so HisLordShip added some eyes and a smiley mouth… then thought it’d be funny to become ‘Mr Tree’.

I have another 3 layouts completed and I'm hoping to get at least another 2 done from the same kit… so will be back with more to show you… if I shared them all now I'd have nothing for the rest of the month… hehe!

Until Next Time… HUGS ‘n’ XXX

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Jess said...

what a fab picture and layout... I hope to get back into scrapooking soon too