Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Through & Through…

Scrapagogo Getaway class & layout number 3… Through & Through by Rebekah Day


I didn’t follow the original layout style and I was missing the Burlap from the class, but I chose to use a sketch that was provided for the Getaway and this is my finished layout… these are quite old photo’s, I think the boys are 5 or 6 and had started Beavers, so HisLordShip was showing them how to polish their shoes for Church Parade and also for school, not that it lasted like… only bought the boys new shoes a week ago and they are all scuffed Rolling on the floor laughing
These photo’s are of Calum & HisLordShip… I need to do another layout for Thomas & HisLordShip!

Until Next Time… HUGS ‘n’ XXX

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