Thursday, 18 July 2013


Today I should have been attending a Wedding with HisLordShip… right up until last night he was asking if I wanted to go… he wasn’t taking anyone else and he was happy for me to go with him!

Whilst I wish Sarah and Chris all the best with their marriage… I just can’t face a Wedding at the moment… they’ll just have to be happy with the fact that I made their Invitations for them!

From the age of 15-16yrs old when I first saw HisLordShip up those ladders decorating at my aunt and uncles house… I knew I wanted to marry him… teenage crushes aren’t they great!!!
I don’t know what it was but I just knew he was the one… I didn’t see him for a while after, and was seeing someone else when I saw him again… those feelings of him being the one were instantaneous again and the flirting started, my relationship ended and in May HisLordShip said he’d take me out on his motorcycle… it wasn’t until the 31st May that we finally got to go out and we just connected so easily… that was the start of the next 17yrs of my life… There’s only ever been one man in my life and having been engaged to him twice… I always thought maybe third time lucky… but… there isn’t going to be a third time and my dreams of being married, traveling and growing old together are gone!!! Broken heart

A few photo’s…

June 1996

June 1996… Ah… so young!!!
25.12.1997… What a bump!!!
15.02.1998… The day we were bring the boys home!
08.07.2001… A nice family day at Bridlington for my birthday!
04.09.2004… Sam’s Wedding Vow Renewal… Can you see the rings on the fingers???

04.09.2004… Sam’s Wedding Vow Renewal 

03.01.09… Otley Chevin
15.03.2013… Celebrating HisLordship’s Birthday

I treated myself to Ali Edwards Big Picture Class… Hello Story for my birthday it started on my birthday so I was just destined to do it Smile with tongue out and plan on using these photo’s to do a Time-Line layout… just need to get them all printed, then I’ll be back to share it with you all!
For 17yrs… there’s not a lot of photo’s of us together is there… I can only find 2 photo’s of all 4 of us… Myself, HisLordShip and the boys and they are from when the boys first came home Sad smile 

If you’ve made it this far… Thank-You for enduring my ramblings… I have a question for you all Smile

How do you organise and store your printed photo’s?

I ask because I’ve had to search through a whole heap of unorganised photo’s to find the very top photo of HisLordShip and I to scan in so I could share it… I would like to get my photo’s organised so I know where certain photo’s are… all Help and Advice is gratefully received Red heart

Until Next Time… HUGS ‘N’ XXX

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